I am a Front End Developer at Vizibl making a collaboration app to help large organisations get the most out of their supplier relationships.

We’re using Web Components and a modern JS stack to build out new features, integrating into and seamlessly replacing a legacy Angular application. The hope is that Web Components will future proof the application somewhat by encapsulating features into independent components. The underlying tech of each component doesn’t matter, as they all interface with eachother as custom elements.

My previous work includes:

As well as web technologies I’m pretty handy with Docker, CI/CD tools (Gitlab and Atlassian), and am a long time linux user.


I code a lot in my spare time. Most of my projects can be found on GitHub. They vary from my own static site generator, a VS code extension to add language features for a cave surveying tool, and even hardware hacking to control my Ikea standing desk. I usually use Javascript, Typescript, or Python but can get by in Java and C#.

When not coding I enjoy caving, canyoning, climbing, cycling and hiking.

Find me on: