More photos - none of them better

We begin with a set from the first foreign trip I organised to Andalucia.

My main critique of past me is that I don’t yet remember to focus for every picture so it’s often that a entire set of photos is out of focus. I seem to not be using insane ISOs now though so that’s an improvment.

The first four are from a ‘recently explored’ cave called Rio Verde that were lead to by the notorious local caver Manu. The next three are from Sima Cacao where we swung into the wrong window on the big pitch and found a vaguely pretty alcove before turning round. The final three are Sima GESM where Manu inserted us into some mass exploration trip with at least 10 local cavers.

This next lot are my first attempts to photo Sistem Migovec in Slovenia, where Imperial College have their annual expedition. In order: Camp X-ray, some random bit of Wonderland, probably the entrance series, and two in a shallow new cave called Jailbreak.

Finally a return to Wales where I think I shouldn’t have bothered with my camera given how hard it was to find even 3 photos that weren’t complete trash. This is the big passage in Agen Allwedd.