Dockerising this website

I dockerised this website in an attempt to learn more about docker. I also ended up learning a little bit about the linux file system and created a useful script for composing docker-compose scripts.

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Olm - a static site generator

I have written my own static site generator. The world always needs more static site generators. It's not finished but I'm already using it on a live site and it's faster and more easily extensible than what I was using before.

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Github Apps

Github Apps are a nice way to automate some of the complicated or boring tasks in a version control workflow. At the moment it's in Early Access so the documentation is a bit sparse and the functionality is incomplete. Still it's possible to do some cool things.

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Rain Gauge Display

The Environment Agency has a really cool rain data api which I've used in a little react app. Just a simple display of the rain data so you can check what the water levels in caves are going to be like.

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Multiple queues with Celery and RabbitMQ and Flask

Quick description of how to get celery running on two different apps with two separate queues on the same RabbitMQ instance.

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Simple DDNS

simple-ddns is a lightweight home made dynamic dns program.There is a little flask application that can be run on a VPS to keep track of something elses IP address (a home network for example). It can also edit an nginx configuration to redirect a subdomain or url to the ip. An included python script can be used on the client (via cron job or manually) to update the flask app.

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